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 for dog grooming.

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for cats and Medium to small dog grooming.

Video Below - Grooming Trailers

Of Course! It's a Hanvey!


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Grooming Trailers

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Hanvey Mobile Grooming Trailer

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words.
What is a Hanvey HD video worth?

Of Course! It's a Hanvey!

Mercedes Benz APPROVED our van designs.
Hanvey Trailers are built to the same high standards!


(Print this sheet and fill in options to calculate your price)
Hanvey Grooming Trailer
 6x10 Trailer

Prices and product design subject to change without notice prior to "Purchase Contract". All taxes and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer pick-up assumed. Shipment is available (call for quote).





Hanvey Grooming  Trailer
10' x 6' Toy Hauler Trailer
with no rivets on surface




Taxi Vac Clipper Vacuum System




Integrated, Hanvey Hi "V" Dryer




Electric Table



Link Interval Positioning System, "LIPSystem" TM Included! Standard


Central Housekeeping Vacuum System Included! Standard  
"Sure-Seal"  Wall/Flooring System Included! Standard


One Forced Air Sky Light Ceiling Vents - 3 Speed, Reversible Included!


Standard Grade Stainless Steel Tub Included! Standard  
Storage Cabinet with Drawer   Included! Standard  
24" x 60" Rear Storage Counter Included! Standard  
Passenger Side Window Included! Standard


Double Swing Door Rear Access Included! Standard


Fresh Water Tank - Warm Water Fill 45 Gallon Water System Included! Standard


Drain Water Holding Tank - 45 Gallon  w/ Tub Drain Pump. Included! Standard


This trailer is powered by "Shoreline" or hook up to optional Honda generator on the trailer's tongue. Includes external plug-in power receptacles on front of trailer for easy access for plugging into optional generator or outlet at the dog owner's home. Included! Standard  
Bathing Beauty Hydro Massage Bather System Included! Standard


Want to go Beyond "Loaded"?
Upgrades and additional options
Custom Stainless Steel Grooming Tub w/ Little Dog Bathing Shelf Upgrade

 add $1798


Click Here!

Custom High Quality Exterior Graphics Designed Just For You!

Call For Quote

"Quick Swap Out"tm Spare Pump Kit including 1 Complete Water Pump Module with brackets and connectors


Back-up Hot Water Heater (Electric) 2.5gal. Very Fast Recovery( This price include the water heater, all required wiring and outlets and a switch to allow operator to turn off when desired.)




Honda ME 4000 Generator (tongue mounted with all connection cables required exterior power ports to connect power to the trailers power center)


Dryer Turbo Booster increases force another 50%-60% (Included additional outlet, air switch control and all mounting hardware installed)


100% Aluminum Frame Upgrade

Upgrade Trailer Main frame and body frame from painted steel to 100% non-rusting high strength Aluminum that never requires painting



Estimated Total Unit Cost
(Add up all prices noted above to get your Hanvey trailer price)

(less Shipping/Tags/Title/Taxes/Fees)



























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